Multislice CT

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CT scan is a highly versatile and non-invasive medical imaging procedure that uses x-rays and  digital computer technology to acquire very fine slices of data through the body. This data is then used to create detailed two or three-dimensional images of the body.CT scans are only performed through the area of interest not the entire body. Unlike some other forms of medical imaging, CT scan image many types of body structures simultaneously including bone, blood vessels and soft tissue.

The CT scan consists of a large gantry within which the patient lies on a moving examination table. The CT gantry is a “donut” shaped unit that is open at both ends and is approximately 50 centimeters wide. Inside the gantry is a rotating ring that carries the x-ray source and electronic x-ray detectors.  A narrow fan shaped beam of x-rays is produced and directed through the body area that is to be examined. These x-rays are received by a set of detectors and the resulting signals are sent to a very powerful computer that transforms them into three-dimensional cross sectional images. The images are then interpreted by our radiologists  who will report the findings to your referring doctor. The digital images are stored electronically by us for future reference and can be provided on film or CD/DVD if your  referring doctors requests this.

Wollongong Diagnostics is equipped with the latest multislice CT scanners, Optima CT660 and Optima CT540. Our scanners are very comfortable for patients of all ages and virtually all sizes. These scanners are capable of scanning your entire body in one breathhold. Both our scanners are equipped with CT fluoroscopy which is used for real time guidance of various procedures with minimum possible radiation dose.

Radiation safety has always been one of our major areas of concern. We are highly committed to providing the best possible image quality at minimum possible dose. Both our scanners are equipped with ASiR also known as Adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction technology. This is the latest dose reduction technology available which allows optimal image quality at very low doses of radiation. Our radiation dose levels are in line with the recommended permissible limits set by Australian Radiation Protection Agency.

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