33Between our three practices we run four ultrasound suites equipped with GE S8 and PhillipsIU 22 units.

What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a non-invasive and expedient way to look inside the body at organs and soft tissue.  There is no exposure to ionizing radiation as there is with X-ray or Computed Tomography (CT) exams. Instead, ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to create a detailed image of the organ or tissue being examined.  Sound waves are sent into the body through a hand-held device called a transducer which is pressed against and moved over the skin.  The ‘echoes’ that bounce back are then displayed as an image in real time on the ultrasound monitor.

How is ultrasound used?

Most people associate ultrasound with prenatal exams to view developing fetuses.  But ultrasound has many applications.  It can be used to help make a diagnosis, determine therapy options and guide medical procedures.  Advances in ultrasound technology continue to expand its diagnostic capabilities.

It’s varied applications include evaluation of organs in the abdomen like liver, kidneys, gall bladder and pancreas. Evaluation of joints, Asses blood vessels for narrowing and thrombosis, and guidance for various injections and biopsies.

It is also used in Women’s imaging to examine uterus, ovaries and the fetus for growth, and any birth defects.

Please refer to the patient information page if your doctor has asked you to undergo an ultrasound examination.


The sleek, lightweight LOGIQ* S8 is packed with powerful, established technologies that deliver the high quality imaging performance you demand. Imagine, exceptional next-generation imaging for patients of all sizes. A versatile, application-rich platform that easily handles both general and specialized imaging. And efficient image management tools that help provide access to vital information.

Philips IU 22 Ultrasound

IU 22 is considered to be the gold standard in sonographic imaging. In the hands of our highly experienced sonographers, this machine can deliver excellent high resolution images including 3D. This is particularly useful in performing imaging guided injections and biopsies.

This machine is equipped with an additional high frequency probe which is optimal for musculoskeletal and thyroid imaging.

Toshiba Xario XG Ultrasound

The Toshiba Xario XG ultrasound system is a mid-range color Doppler shared services ultrasound machine. The used Xario XG adds 3D/4D capabilities to its OB/GYN applications and has very good image quality.